1-Day Pre-Symposium Workshop

Advanced Photoshop Techniques

with Guy Tal

Image by Guy TalThis workshop is designed for photographers having some familiarity with Photoshop, and who are seeking to extend their technical and expressive skills beyond the documentary image. Participants are expected to have a good grasp of basic Photoshop concepts, such as the use of layers and layer masks.

The goal for the workshop is to deepen your understanding of various technical and theoretical concepts, introduce and practice a visualization-driven workflow, techniques for maximizing image quality, and preparing your images for output using a variety of media.

Following are some of the topics covered:

  • A short introduction to photography as expressive art
  • Visualization techniques
  • Workflow overview
  • Image blending techniques
  • Managing noise and other artifacts
  • Black-and-white conversion
  • Preparing images for output:
    • Sizing for optimal results
    • Color management
    • Sharpening


  • Laptop computer loaded with Adobe Photoshop CC. If you are not subscribed to Adobe Creative Cloud, you may sign up for a trial membership shortly before the class (be sure to choose a subscription date that will allow you to use the software during the class). IMPORTANT: Make sure the software is properly installed and working before coming to Moab.
  • Notepad and writing instruments (or tablet with note-taking app).
  • Guy will provide sample images for those interested, but participants are welcome to bring their own RAW files to work with, as well.

You DO NOT NEED TO REGISTER for the symposium to attend this workshop. Please see the registration page for additional information about registering for this workshop (with or without attending the symposium).

Book your lodging ASAP.  Super 8 Lodging discount only applies to the main event and the 3-day Workshop.