Bruce Hucko

hucko for MPS portBruce Hucko is the creator/director and cleanup crew for the Moab Photo Symposium.  He is a freelance photographer, author, children’s art coach and radio producer.  He was named one of thirty leading art educators in the country by the Rockefeller Bros. Fund Award for Excellence in Arts Education in 1984.  Hucko works in a broad range of styles that range from large-format fine art B&W and prints and color images of area landscapes to portraits of area residents. He specializes in photographing Ancestral Puebloan (Anasazi) Homesites and people in their natural environment. Hucko has completed documentary work among the Seri Indians of Mexico, Navajo rug weavers, and ranch families across the West. He’s also photographed and produced interpretive slide shows for Arches NP, Organ Pipe Cactus NM, the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance, the New Mexico Wilderness Alliance and the award-winning, 8-projector, 40-minute multi-media show the Canyon’s Edge.

Hucko has photographed extensively among the Navajo, Hopi and Pueblo people, including “A Gesture of Kinship,” a creative documentary project among the Navajo he first worked and lived with 20+ years ago. His work among the Ancestral Puebloan people in large format B&W and Color has been exhibited widely. Hucko was the photographer for the book Cowboys and Cave Dwellers and the author and contributing photographer of Art on the Rocks by Sierra Press.  Seventeen books feature Hucko’s work including the recently released Dead Horse Point (KC Publications) and Time Among the Ancients: Rock Art & Ruins of the Colorado Plateau (Impact Photographics). Current projects include “Entrada,” a collaborative book of poetry and imagery with poet David Lee, “WaterSong,” a collection of images and sounds from Moab’s Millcreek and “Sacred Evidence,” a book culminating his years of wandering the ancient southwest.

Aside from photography Hucko enjoys hiking, whitewater rafting and a good red wine.  Hucko participates in the annual Moab Artists Studio Tour and is on the board of Friends of Cedar Mesa.