Mike Hayden

mike_hayden_200x300Mike is MC-emeritus for our annual PhotoJAM image sharing event.  After attending several years ago, he took-over (think compassionate coup!) and has conducted the event with characteristic humor and organization ever since.  Just keep him in pizza and we’re all better off!

Mike is a freelance photographer, computer mechanic, information junkie and bicyclist, based in Santa Fe, NM. His working career included twelve years as a US Army officer managing radio stations and computer systems, thirty years in the computer industry herding cats who developed operating systems software, and teaching at the university level. He retired in 2008 after fifteen years at Sun Microsystems.

Mike’s photography is done mostly outdoors, stalking beautiful landscapes both wild and urban. In the studio he photographs art work for clients, and does informal portraits and head shots both in the studio and outdoors.

He claims that he can project any photograph brought to the PhotoJAM as long as they can be read by a PC or Mac.