Participant Testimonials

Over the years MPS participants have offered kind compliments and worthy suggestions. Here are some of the former:

  • I love that MPS is fresh every year!
  • Always inspirational
  • Very welcoming, lack of snobbery
  • Every event, activity and speaker worked, was on time, was focused and inspirational
  • I am going home inspired and richer in knowledge
  • Home run! Keep it coming.
  • Very high quality speakers as teachers
  • All so skilled and human

It was wonderful in every way, and you deserve a huge amount of credit for putting it together, and having put it together so well over the previous 13 years. Next year will be your 15th and final year, and I’m sure it will be as big a success as it was this year. I do hope that my contribution was worthy of the others who did such great jobs in their talks and workshops. I never met a single participant who registered disappointment, so I can attest to the success of the symposium. The Symposium is an event that has garnered some serious recognition, not just from the presenters and even from the participants, but from the photographic community, in general.

-Bruce Barnbaum

You created an incredible piece of art when you conceived the Symposium.  I can only feel honored to have been a small part.

-Steve Traudt

Thanks again for a double-barreled photography gathering whose effect lasts long beyond the closing bell in Moab.  Even though it involves a huge amount of work and planning, you still manage to make it appear seamless and casual.  The topic of black-and-white was a foreign one to me before the symposium, but you and the other instructors piqued my interest so I’ll give it a try.

-Roger Poole

If you missed this year’s MPS (2017), you missed one of the most amazing singular photography events in the country. Next year’s promises to be just as amazing. Read what one of the participants wrote me about her experience this year:

“It was by far, THE most meaningful photographic experience that I have ever had. A peak experience, as Bruce B talked about. In fact, I think it was in the top 10 of all meaningful experiences I have ever had. Every aspect of the weekend was top shelf. The presentations, the participants, the leaders/teachers, etc, etc. were all the very, very best. …there is something very organic, simple, real and unabridged about the whole experience.”

– Chuck Kimmerle

You know, I thought I’d call it quits after this year, but I had such a great time!!

– Rebecca Wilks


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