The 2017 Moab Photography Symposium offers these presentations:

MPS-BB-WolverineCynIndianHeadKeynote Presentation / May 4th, 7pm-8:30pm

Know Thyself – Finding Your Personal Style / Bruce Barnbaum

My evolution from pure landscape imagery to abstraction, man-made imagery, combinations, and just anything that I decided was worth photographing may provide hints and whole lessons for everyone searching to express yourself in your own unique way. There is no need to fret about finding your own style because nobody else can ever emulate you when you are simply being honest about your own interests, nor can you imitate anyone else while being true to yourself.


parking-lotPresentation #1 / May 5th, 8:30am-9:30am

Creativity and Inspiration: Separating Yourself from the Herd / Huntington Witherill

Developing a unique approach to one’s photography can be a life-long challenge. Yet, it is a pursuit filled with rewards and benefits that far exceed the ordinary. During his presentation, Witherill will offer a lighthearted introduction to the perils and rewards of finding your own way in an age of photographic ubiquity.

MPS-BB-CircularChimneyPresentation #2 / May 5th, 10am-11am

See The Light / Bruce Barnbaum

Whether you use film or pixels, photograph color or B&W, the making of a good photograph comes down to three essentials – light, composition and a subject that means something to you. With the myriad of digital apps available it is easy to stray from the core path of success. This illustrated talk will reinvigorate your vision by leading you to a rediscovery of the basic elements of our art form.




mg_300Presentation #3 / May 6th, 8:30am-9:30am

Immense, Silent, and Sacred / Michael E. Gordon

Michael E. Gordon will discuss his evolution as a photographic artist and detail his personal and conservation-oriented work in Death Valley National Park and the California Desert. Michael will touch briefly upon gear and technique but will dwell on creativity and ideas – the cornerstones of all good images.

dl000101Presentation #4 / May 6th, 10am-11am

Visual Metaphors—Finding Equivalence in the Landscape / Guy Tal

Photography can be practiced in many ways and toward many goals. For Guy, photography is a means of creating self-expressive art; that is, art intended to express subjective thoughts and feelings rather than objective appearances.

The concept of photographs acting as metaphors was introduced by the great Alfred Stieglitz who also coined the term Equivalent for it. The concept was then carried forward by photographer Minor White. In recent years, research continues to reveal the mechanisms by which visual stimuli may prompt people toward specific feelings. Guy will discuss some of his exploration into this subject, and talk about how he applies it in his own work.

CKimmerle_1000px_0003Presentation #5 / May 7th, 9:30am-10:30am

Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out / Chuck Kimmerle

The overdose of visual input and overzealous opinions we are subject to on a daily basis make finding, and refining, our personal vision both daunting and frustrating. Voices, both internal and external, zap our confidence and make us feel insecure and unworthy. We’ll discuss ways to cut through the din and zero in on what is important to each of us.

Tumble-WeedPresentation #6 / May 7th, 11am-12pm

Aaahh Black & White! Thoughts on a B&W Romance /Bruce Hucko

What makes us wistfully pause and say “aaahh black and white” like we’re addressing a lover? Using quotes and photographs from friends and his own galleries Hucko will explore characteristics of the medium and offer ideas on finding images in the field and then bringing them to their B&W reality!