1-Day Advanced Photoshop Techniques Workshop with Guy Tal


Creative processing is about more than applying a generic recipe to the captured image or aiming for “acceptable” or “usable” results. The digital studio at your fingertips is every bit the fertile bed for creative expression as any field technique, and it allows complete control over how the raw data recorded by your camera can be transformed into the image in your “mind’s eye.” The tools provided within Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop allow you to craft your  image into a creation that is uniquely yours and representative of your own sensibilities, making you an active participant in shaping its appearance rather than a mere operator of camera controls.

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This workshop is designed for photographers having some familiarity with Photoshop, and who are seeking to extend their technical and expressive skills beyond the documentary image. Participants are expected to have a good grasp of basic Photoshop concepts, such as the use of layers and layer masks.