Rafael Rojas

Rafael_Rojas_200x300Rafael Rojas (Master Hasselblad 2014)  is a Swiss-Spanish fine art photographer, author and lecturer whose work frequently focuses on concepts like time, decay and renewal, the raw latent energy found in the landscape and the ephemeral qualities of existence. He strives to encapsulate concept, emotion and spirituality in his work.

One of the main activities of Rafael Rojas is teaching and lecturing about personal and expressive landscape photography, through immersive workshops all over the world.

He has published several fine art photography books, including “Visions of Earth”, “Natura” and “Timeless”. He is the author of his own line of instructive photography books and videos “Photography with Intent” which he publishes and distributes from the website Essential Seeing.

He is the co-owner and co-founder of Platinum Press Editions, an exclusive editorial house specialized in the creation of unique fine art photography books of the highest quality.

Rafael Rojas lives in Switzerland with his wife and partner Anca Minican.

www.rafaelrojas. com