About The Symposium



As a professional photographer and art educator I (Bruce Hucko) had long noticed how so many workshop groups came to Moab from outside the area.  In early 2004 and in collaboration with the director of the Moab Arts and Recreation Center we launched the Moab Photo Symposium to fill the need for a Moab-based photography event.

The first one was 2 days and featured 3 photographers.  We have grown to our current size due to valued input from our participants.  Our keynote speakers have included Chris Noble, Tom Till, John Running, Adriel Heisey, David Hiser, Ted Orland, Jack Dykinga, John Sexton, Elizabeth Carmel, Daniel Beltra, and Brooks Jensen.


Our primary purpose is to nurture and support you in the development of your own personal vision.  We do this through featured speakers, workshops and an environment of warm camaraderie.  And we’re in Moab!  The surrounding landscape provides a host of diverse opportunities to learn and practice new skills, techniques, and to engage in photography with nice people like you.  All of our presenters and instructors are accomplished professionals.  More importantly they are open and accessible sources of information who truly enjoy sharing their passion for photography.


When I was working out the first event, wayyyyyy back in 2004, I was looking for a word to help describe what we were up to. Workshop was overused. Convention? No, as we’re not in Vegas! Tours. No. Gathering. Well, maybe in the Cowboy Poetry Gathering sense, but then I also know of the Rainbow Gathering (think of hippies worldwide gathering on some poor forest service campground for a week or two). So, no. As a “somewhat” avid reader, (how does that work?) I was aware of the word “symposium.” I rather like the sound of it. It bestows on the event a bit of elegance, a bit of intellectualness (new word!), a bit of …..well……..let’s talk about it.

From Merrian-Webster ON LINE (and yes, I have a paper dictionary!) dictionary –
Pronunciation: \sim-ˈpō-zēəәm also -zh(ē-)əәm\
Function: noun
Etymology: Latin, from Greek symposion, from sympinein to drink together, from syn- + pinein to drink
COMMENT: Well, I like that. Sipping on a little basque gin from Boise right now. Also like single malt scotch – Laphroig in particular, good tequilas and red wine and WATER!
1 a : a convivial party (as after a banquet in ancient Greece) with music and conversation
COMMENT: Convivial! That’s good! If nothing else we are convivial! How about the Moab Photography Conviviality Event?
b : a social gathering at which there is free interchange of ideas COMMENT: Yes! That’s us!
2 a : a formal meeting at which several specialists deliver short addresses on a topic or on related topics — compare colloquium.
COMMENT: Well, though it’s sounding a bit starchy it is still us, although there is no starch in anyone who attends or presents at this event!
b : a collection of opinions on a subject; especially : one published by a periodical OK
c : discussion YUP! There’s lots of that. Convivial and beyond!

And so, we are the Moab Photography Symposium. We deliver a diverse, convivial, expert, and not tooooooo formal gathering of photographic voices to slake your thirst for photographic excellence! While most photographers come to Moab to photograph the landscape the primary purpose of our event is to stimulate your personal creativity…..wherever that leads.

There are many wonderful images made in this area. If we can send you home making images that are more personally meaningful and that look less like the work of others, then we’ve done our job. If you are coming here to return with the greatest image ever made in Moab, then you will likely be disappointed. If you come and return home with a new sense of yourself propelled by the tools, techniques, stories and anecdotes shared, then you’ll be inspired and we’ll be happy!


Workshops and Registration are on a first come – first served basis.

Friday and Saturday workshops are for REGISTERED ATTENDEES ONLY.

YOU MAY NOT sign up for just a workshop. Why? Well, it cost us a bit of dough, far more than the price of a workshop to bring our guest presenters here. It is economically unfair for someone to attend a workshop and NOT register. Registration fees pay all overhead, including the costs of getting instructors to Moab.

YOU MAY register for the 3-day workshop or the all-day Lightroom and Photoshop workshop without registering for the main event……..but you’ll be sorrrryyyy!


There are two opportunities to show your work.

PARTICIPANT AND PRESENTER EXHIBIT.  MPS loves to see prints!  We invite you to bring prints!  Hang them up for viewing and possible sale!  The show is hung from noon until 4 pm on Thursday as part of registration.   You may bring up to 3 images.  They should be ready to hang from a single hook.  Some pieces will be placed on easels.  Others may stand on narrow tables, secured by museum putty and lean against a wall.  It is most helpful if participants take their work home after the event ends on Sunday.

PhotoJAM!!!  On both Friday and Saturday nights, beginning at 8:30 pm you may have 5 minutes to show us your stuff. We’ll break out the leftover wine and beer and order Paradox Pizza so if you are fresh in from a workshop then you can come right on in and be fed.  MC Mike Hayden, a truly wonderful fellow who VOLUNTEERS to run this, keeps it lively and moving.

PhotoJAM wants YOU!  And PhotoJAM wants you PREPARED!!!  PhotoJAM has a few basic requirements:

  1. We will ONLY accept images prepared as a PowerPoint, Lightroom Slideshow or Keynote Presentation.  Each of these show types are very easy to prepare.  All serious photographers owe it to themselves to learn to present using one of these universal tools – so, please, use your creative juices to present your work at PhotoJAM.
  2. Please check your images on your laptop carefully BEFORE the symposium. Don’t put your program together the night before and then be surprised by poor color, performance, etc. For projection, Images work best in the sRGB space. Adobe RGB is acceptable too.
  3. Your images should be at least 1400 pixels wide to take advantage of the resolution. The projector will be adjusted at the beginning of the Symposium, using standard test charts on a calibrated laptop. It will not be further adjusted for individual programs.  We will have sound capabilities.
  4. During your program, you will be allowed to say, ONE TIME, “Wow, the images look better on my laptop than on the screen”. More than one time just gets tedious…and we throw things at you……..messy things……….pizza crust and the like!


If, indeed, it was your heartfelt intention to attend, and forces beyond your reckoning make or have made attendance impossible, then, by the powers vested in me as director of this event, I will FULLY REFUND your money before March 1st, 2016 – MINUS the Paypal Fee!!
After March 1, this is the refund schedule. Please understand that we have overhead fees that are dependent on your registration and that asking for a REFUND late often prevents somebody else from being able to take your seat! Thanks!

March 1-15: 75% REFUND
March 16-April 1: 50% REFUND
April 1-7: 25% REFUND
After April 8: NO REFUND



Spouses, friends, significant others and non-photographers can only attend as registered participants of this event, and are required to pay full tuition. Field workshop sizes are determined by the BLM and NPS, hence, spouses or other non-photographers must pay.


Smoking is not allowed at the MARC, during instructional sessions, during group meals, or during any of the workshops. I mean really, smoking is an addictive disease. Spend that money on something positive, like a new lens!


Alcohol and non-prescription drugs are not allowed during the course of the workshop or the presentation sessions.  We have a legal city permit to have wine and beer during our receptions and both photoJAM sessions.


(cause my lawyer said this would be good to have)

  • Moab Photography Symposium LLC, Bruce Hucko, the instructors, models and cooperating agents endeavor to provide every participant a safe, enlightening, and pleasurable educational experience. If you are not satisfied, we are not happy. Talk to us!
  • Moab Photography Symposium LLC, Bruce Hucko, the instructors, models and cooperating agents will not be held liable for events beyond its control such as, but not limited to, inclement weather; problems with any travel; baggage loss before, during, or after the workshop; damage to, loss or theft of photographic equipment; or equipment failure, etc.
  • Moab Photography Symposium LLC, Bruce Hucko, the instructors, volunteer and paid staff, models and cooperating agents assume no responsibility, however caused, for injury, loss, or damage to person or property in connection with any service resulting directly or indirectly from acts of God, detention, annoyance, delays and expenses arising from quarantines, strikes, thefts, pilferage, acts of terrorism, or failure of any means of conveyance to arrive or depart as scheduled, civil disturbances, government restrictions, regulations, discrepancies or change in transit or hotel services over which it has no control.
  • The Symposium and Workshops are not without risk and Moab Photography Symposium LLC, Bruce Hucko, the instructors, models and cooperating agents will not be held liable for any injury, medical emergency, or fatality arising from or during the Symposium or any Workshop. These conditions include, but are not limited to sprained ankles, broken bones, cuts and bruises, dehydration, heart attacks, snake bites, trauma, etc. Participants must be willing to be completely responsible for their well-being and to accept these and other risks inherent in participating in these workshops.
  • We reserve the right to change our arrangements should conditions necessitate, or to cancel any aspect of the workshop due to exceptional circumstances. In the event that we deem it necessary to cancel the workshop we will provide a refund for the workshop that the participant acknowledges as full and final settlement.  The non-refundable deposit will be applied to the subsequent workshop date of the participant’s choice.
  • In the event of the cancellation of the annual symposium or any workshop, Moab Photography Symposium LLC will not reimburse any airline ticket fees, car rental fees, hotel reservations, or any other expenses associated with participation in this workshop. We recommend that you purchase refundable airline tickets and make refundable car and hotel reservations. We also recommend that you carry travel and camera equipment insurance.
  • This release of liability will certify that the participant is physically fit and capable of participating in outdoor photography exercises in field locations, is capable of camping and living in a desert environment, and is fully and completely aware of any and all associated risks.
  • You are responsible for being at designated meeting places at the designated time and have your photographic equipment with you.  If you are not present at the designated time and place and the group proceeds without you, you will not be refunded any workshop registration fees for the day(s) or time(s) you were not able to participate due to your “no-show” or tardiness.
  • By registering for and joining this symposium and/or workshop you acknowledge that you have read the above information concerning responsibility and release Moab Photography Symposium LLC, Bruce Hucko, the instructors, models and cooperating agents from any liability. Moab Photography Symposium LLC, Bruce Hucko, the instructors, models and cooperating agents assume no liability for injury, illness, accident, fatality, or loss of personal property or expenses thereof. I also acknowledge that Moab Photography Symposium LLC reserves the right to refuse service to anyone at anytime and that workshop policies are subject to change at any time.

OKAY – That’s pretty much it! Come and enjoy yourself, Moab and its surroundings  and all those friends you have not yet met!