Steve Traudt


Traudt-portrait-200x300In a dusty attic at the age of 10, Steve Traudt chanced upon some old darkroom items belonging to his father. He ordered fresh paper and chemicals from the “Monkey Ward” catalog and a lifelong interest was soon born. Raised in Nebraska, Traudt and his artist wife Fay Timmerman moved to Grand Junction in 1987 where they established and operated a variety of galleries and businesses. Steve taught photography for 18 years at Colorado Mesa University and is a retired pharmacist.

Traudt calls his photographs Synergistic Visions. For Traudt, photography is synergism of such elements as the brain, emotions, vision, lenses and the camera. Since photography is both art and craft, Traudt views this synergism as a marriage of left-brain and right-brain activities.

Interested in a variety of subjects, his work explores the form and texture of urban and natural landscapes. Traudt enjoys documenting the incongruities of everyday scenes and also employs various techniques to create emotive abstractions.