Field Workshops


mps-work-9-500Field workshops are designed to have you experience your instructor and the other participants for more time than you spend hiking or walking. The focus is on WORK – the use of good energy to create fine images. Walking distances for most workshops are pretty short, less than 3/4 mile one-way. No workshop will hike more than 1.5 miles one way! Most of the workshop sites are along marked trails and marginal rise and fall in elevation. Most of the general terrain is UNEVEN SANDSTONE OR ROCKY DIRT. Trails in the west are generally rougher and wilder than those in the east. No bark-lined trails here! You should have good shoes or boots, carry water and snacks and be in fairly good condition. You also need good balance and decent lung capacity.

Moab is about 4500’ above sea level. The high points of surrounding parks are about 6500’. It is imperative that you ascertain your own abilities before you register.

Workshops generally have a destination where the group makes it first stop, receives an assignment, and then you work from there. If you can’t make it you may not be able to get your money’s worth.

The general workshop outline goes as follows –

  • Meet with your instructor for meet and greet.
  • View prints/images and/or carpool to first field site
  • Walk to first working area
  • Instructor Group Presentation and first assignment
  • One-on-one with Instructor
  • Additional Group Presentations as time allows
  • Disband shortly before SUNSET so you can chase the light on your own!
  • Return to Moab for photoJAM or personal dining.

If you have specific questions regarding workshops and your physical/technical ability please contact symposium director Bruce Hucko at

Once a workshop fills you will receive a more detailed description from us.